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model2icon 1.15

Model2Icon converts 3D models into Windows and Mac OS X icons
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As operating systems evolved, icons kept up with them. From a simple bunch of pixels thrown onto desktop to ease the launch of a program, they became little masterpieces.
There are a lot of programs out there for making icons all offering a lot of innovative ways to create them.
Model2Icon is a program transforming 3D models into icons for Windows and Mac OS X systems. Models can be imported from both .3DS and .MD3 file formats.
The application has a simple interface – a little too simple, in my opinion, which means, you don’t need to be a graphics magician to work with Model2icon.
Models can be rotated 360 degrees, colored, or even modified by removing some parts of them, if the initial model was built to allow this.
The application options allow also to add a shadow to the object and customize the way it will be displayed. All the changes are done with the three sets of options from the Model2icon interface: Model Transformation, Show Shadow, and Meshes.
Model2Icon is very easy to use, which means making nice icons will not take much time.

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  • An easy and fast way to create icons


  • The resolution is the same for all icons, 256x256
  • The file size of all saved icons for Windows is 350 KB, which is a big file size for an icon
  • With a lot of free icons making application in the market, is hard to understand why anyone would pay for it



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